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About Us

Artisan bread touches all the senses. Bakers who create bread appreciate the work of art by the look of the golden crust, the sound of the crackling crust, the softness of the crumb, the beautiful smell of it fresh out of the oven and of course the taste. They are always striving for “the perfect loaf”.

As a home baker I became captured by the beauty of making sourdough bread. The one dilemma I faced after making a fresh loaf was how to store it.

Thus, I created the Keeki bag. 


The Keeki bag is a  natural way to store your bread.  It is a beeswax lined linen bag.  With the wide opening and closing drawstring it is easy to use.  Much easier than trying to wrap a boule with a sheet of beeswax wrap.  It allows the bread to breathe and unlike a plastic bag, it will not hold a lot of moisture in and encourage mold. 


After the time, effort and love to create a loaf of bread, don’t let it dry out.  Keep it fresh for longer using the Keeki bag.


A portion of all sales will be donated to Ontario Nature Protect Pollinators charity.